Volunteer Your Time

Every year volunteers donate hundreds of hours providing companionship and support to children at Cedarcrest Center.  Many others, individually and in groups, perform countless works of service that enhance quality of life for the children.

Thank you for exploring volunteer possibilities here.


Our volunteers include families, scouts, school groups, high school and college students, and adults of all ages.  With diverse talents, skills and interests to benefit the children and the Center, what all our volunteers share in common is an enthusiasm for our mission and a strong commitment to helping others.

Some volunteers work directly with the children we care for; others prefer to help with gardening or administrative projects.  Whether you have an hour or two each week to share, or prefer to be involved in a special project only occasionally, we would love to know of your interest in volunteering.


Many volunteers find fulfillment in the kinds of activities that follow here, but volunteer possibilities are almost limitless.  Our goal is to structure your volunteer experience so that it is a joy for you and a real benefit to the children in our care, or to the staff here at the Center.

  •  Playing, reading, or walking with children during evening or weekend recreation
  • Holding or comforting children during quiet times.
  • Sharing your culinary, artistic or theatrical talents as a performer or instructor
  • Assisting with recreation activities and programs
  • Helping with special events
  • Gardening and grounds work
  • Assisting with administrative tasks such as reception desk
  • Sewing or altering clothing

Currently we are looking for a storyteller and/or an acoustic music group to volunteer at 4:00 PM on the weekend.


  • Send us an e-mail to let us know of your interest, the kind of volunteer work that appeals to you, and how we may get in touch with you.
  • Our volunteer coordinator will contact you about current opportunities and to learn more about your specific interests.  The coordinator will have you complete a Volunteer Application.  (Volunteers under age 18 will need parental authorization.  Volunteers  age 14 to 16 must present the NH Youth Employment Certificate from his/her school.  Children under 14 may accompany his/her parent or guardian who volunteer.)
  • Then you’ll need to wait while we conduct a criminal background check (if your volunteering will involve direct contact with children).
  • For the safety and well-being of the children here, during flu season it is important that you provide verification that you have been vaccinated for flu.
  • Finally, you will need to attend a brief orientation (most likely on your first volunteer day), where we will provide more information about the children in our care, the Center, and the specific activities you will be involved in.

E-mail us at info@cedarcrest4kids.org to let us know of your interest in volunteering  at Cedarcrest Center.  Thank you.