Rehabilitation and Therapy

Hannah_TOBII_COLORAfter your child is admitted to Cedarcrest Center, we provide a comprehensive program of pediatric therapy services.  Our therapists evaluate and treat your child, employing a range of techniques and equipment appropriate for your child’s needs:

  • Physical therapy addresses range of motion, gross motor skills, ambulaton activities, and help with positioning and equipment. As part of physical therapy, your child will have access to gait trainers, walkers, standers, adapted tricycles, and wheelchairs.
  • Occupational therapy focuses on sensory integration, oral-motor skills, daily living tasks, feeding, range of motion and equipment.
  • Speech-Language therapy will facilitate expressive, receptive and augmentative communication.  Your child may use American Sign Language, Picture Exchange Communication, picture boards, or computer-based systems like touch-screens, DynaVox, TOBII Eye Gaze, and iPads.

At Cedarcrest Center, we integrate rehabilitation and therapy services into every aspect of your child’s daily life here, so our therapy staff may work with your child in our therapy suite, in the classroom, in the dining room or at the home-end.  Our therapy, education and direct care staff members work together to ensure that your child’s specific developmental goals for communication, movement and daily living activities can be addressed consistently all day everyday.