What we do …


 We care for children at Cedarcrest Center who come to us with high-risk medical conditions and multiple disabilities.  Some need specialized medical care as they transition from hospital to home; others are admitted for specialty evaluations or post-operative care; still others require longer term intensive nursing services, including gastroenteral tube feedings, management of tracheostomies, respiratory care and ventilator support, IV therapy, or seizure management.

Our staff provide both skilled nursing and sub-acute care in a loving, home-like setting.  Families of the children we serve have come to value us for our exceptional medical care, but, as importantly, they cherish us for our tender, loving care.


At Cedarcrest Center, we offer special education services through Cedarcrest School, which is approved by the State of New Hampshire as a special education provider.  While most school-age Cedarcrest residents attend school on-site, several attend nearby public or private schools that better meet their needs.

Cedarcrest School’s program is built around the New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks, with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) reflecting specific educational goals established for each student.  Each classroom in the school is staffed by a certified special education teacher with the support of educational assistants and licensed nursing assistants.

A few children, who require more intensive nursing and/or therapy support than their local schools can provide, attend Cedarcrest School as day students.


At Cedarcrest Center we provide a full range of physical, occupational and speech-language therapy services for children in our care.  Our on-site therapists provide both evaluation and treatment services, as well as consultations to families and to nursing and education staff to ensure that each child’s specific developmental, motor, and communication needs can be addressed thoroughly and consistently each day.

Staff therapists are also able to provide services off-site to area schools needing supplemental therapy resources.