Family Activities and Events

You and your family are welcome to visit your child at Cedarcrest Center at any time but you will definitely want to be part of our all-Cedarcrest family events.  They are a wonderful opportunity for you and your whole family to celebrate holidays and special occasions with your child — all together.  They are also a great way to get better acquainted with other Cedarcrest families.


On a mid-December Sunday afternoon each year, you’ll find the children at Cedarcrest Center decked out in their holiday finery.  The Annual Holiday Party brings together the children, their families, staff members, and friends in the community to celebrate the season with great food and with music by the Keene Cheshiremen (a barbershop chorus).

But the highlight is a visit from Santa Claus.  Each child, along with brothers and sisters, has an opportunity to sit on Santa’s knee for a photo and to receive a specially-selected gift from Santa’s bag.


The Cedarcrest Prom, usually on a Saturday evening in late May or very early June, is a dress-up occasion for the whole family.  Our evening staff goes all out with incredible decorations that highlight a different theme each year.  There is live music and dancing and, of course, terrific snacks. 
Before the prom begins, each Cedarcrest child – in their “party best” – sits for a formal photo portrait, which we will present to you and your family at a later date.  No prom would be complete without a King or Queen — and ours is no different.


Our Annual Family Picnic brings children and their families together on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in late June or early July each year.  Informal clothes, hamburgers, hot dogs, and barbecued chicken are the order of the day.  We have a DJ (or sometimes live music) and lots of games, activities and special entertainment — fun for the whole family.


The annual Kids Care Walk and Roll, on a Saturday morning in mid-October, draws together Cedarcrest children, families, staff, and volunteers with children and families in the community for a two-mile fun walk and roll.  The inaugural event in 2012 included nearly 200 participants, and drew the support of more than 300 donors from across the country.

With extraordinary support from Cedarcrest families who led a grass roots fundraising effort, the first Walk and Roll raised nearly $15,000 to benefit the children at the Center.