Cedarcrest Center welcomes admission inquiries from families, physicians, discharge planners, nursing agencies, school districts, area agencies and state agency representatives.  If your child is referred for admission to Cedarcrest Center, we encourage you and your family members to visit to learn more about our services first-hand.


  • When the Center’s director of nursing services or social worker receives a referral for your child, she will gather some basic information from you and your family or from the referral source to learn more about your child’s medical condition, developmental status, and care needs, as well as details of any of your child’s recent specialists’ visits, physicals and IEP.
  • Our admission team (which includes our director of nursing, social worker, medical director, rehabilitation coordinator, and director of special education) will confer about your child’s medical and program needs and determine our ability to address those particular needs.
  • We will ask you and your family to visit Cedarcrest Center and meet with several members of direct care staff.  We will want to learn as much as possible about your child’s routine and care prior to admission to ensure a smooth transition.  (Our social worker and a nurse will visit your child if he or she is hospitalized.)
  •  We will verify Medicaid and/or private insurance benefits and obtain prior authorization.


  • Your child will need a physical with physician’s orders forwarded to us within five (5) days of admission.
  • You will need to complete a number of forms: consent to treat and to exchange health information with other providers; consent for the local hospital/ambulance service (in case it is needed); an inventory of your child’s belongings; summary information about your child’s likes, dislikes, favorite playthings, and daily routine. You will also be asked to verify that you have received HIPAA privacy and other notifications. Our social worker is available to assist you in completing all the necessary paperwork..
  • We will work with the local school district in your home community to ensure that your child’s education needs are addressed.